Cracks, Peeling Paint and Water Damage…


Cracks are caused by movement in the material that is painted.  Commonly, the crack occurs in the weakest part of the object, e.g. between pieces of timber in windows and doors, and between the ceiling and the wall.  We can make cracks disappear by ‘caulking’ with a flexible sealant like no-more-gaps, and in some cases a flexible cement-based filler.  As buildings move, we can’t guarantee that the crack will not reappear sometime in the future.

Peeling Paint: often occurs in old houses that are painted in Kalsomine, which was commonly used on ceilings and walls up to the 1950s.  Kalsomine is an organic material derived from milk and, with age, its adhesion can fail, especially under a coating of quality acrylic paint.  The loose material and Kalsomine needs to be removed, sealed and filled.

Water Damage: this is the hardest problem, as the source of the leak needs to be fixed before repainting. Water usually enters a house from the bottom up (rising damp in old masonry buildings) and from the top down (from blocked gutters, and holes around the roof).  Once the source of water has been fixed, we can remove the water damaged paint and materials, seal and make good!