Beautiful Restoration of Stair Case in Point Piper, Sydney

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Finished detail


Pshemek Wrobel vacuuming before applying the satin floor polyurethane.

stairs final

June 2013

We restored a beautiful staircase on a home in Point Piper, Sydney.  The existing staircase was varnished timber.  A dado panelling of MDF was constructed to line the wall running up the stairs and also the stairwell landings, there were three floors.  The dado and spindles were sprayed white Semigloss Enamel Antique White USA, and the railing and treads were stained a black/walnut mixture and a satin polyurethane finish applied.

The critical issues were: clean lines between the black and the white, and to have a beautiful smooth finish on the painted timber and the black treads.  The treads were a lot of work as they had been lined in carpet which had been tacked down.

It turned out beautifully, and the client was delighted!


very beginning two

The treads and railings were sanded back to raw timber, stained black and masked.


After the first oil ndercoat:Rommel Mangulabnan doing detailing.  The treads and railing are masked in paper.


First finish coat:


Second finish coat:


Finished!  Protection on the steps:


Overview:  showing the middle floor landing.


Detail before we started:landing ballustrade.

very beginning

Detail of sanding:


Detail of masking:


Detail of filling:


Detail of spraying:


The joinery being sprayed:


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  • Richard Sanderson

    Impressive work ! Restoration of stair case is never easy, but you guys done it perfectly.A couple of months back we hired a local painting company to restore our Alexandria home stair case.They done it perfectly except the final coating. Now that i have seen the example work of meninwhite, next time i wish to hire you guys for for similar task.

    • Rohan Calvert

      Thank you Richard!

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