Bench Restoration in Newtown

MIW recently restored a bench top in Newtown.

The bench top was constructed with two types of timber: Ironbark and Blackbutt.

Once we had stripped the existing varnish, and washed the stains out of the timber with oxalic acid we wanted to produce a consistent colour.

We applied a coat of Cabothane Satin Oil based polyurethane to the entire bench, and then extra coats of tinted polyurethane to the lighter Blackbutt to make it appear consistent with the darker Ironbark. We did tests and chose to add “Walnut” Feast Watson proof-tint for the first glaze, and a mixture of “Walnut” and “Jarrah” to the second glaze. We filled the cracks with “Walnut” Intergrain Woodblend Filler, scumbled “Burnt umber” Matisse Acrylic paint, and then a glaze of “Walnut and Jarrah” to achieve the translucency required to blend in visually with the varnished bench.

We then recoated the entire surface three times with a food safe coating to produce a consistent and smooth satin surface.

The client was delighted!


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