Big Hairy Audacious Goal for 2008

Men in White has a Big Hairy Audacious Goal for 2008. By year’s end, we aim to have the business totally streamlined and systemised. The idea is to create the kind of systems that guaruntee as much consistency in our work as is humanly possible.

We are extremely proud of the Men in White way of quoting, job planning, scheduling, customer relationship management, brand development, training, sustainability, people development, job tracking, supplier management, and project management and execution. We have proprietary methods for executing the highest quality workmanship and for minimising our impact on the environment. Up until now, this has been the fruit of the hard work of the director supported by a small team.

What we haven’t had is a system for documenting all these processes that comprise the guts (and the heart) of the business. This blog is a way of transparently sharing the story of Men in White’s journey towards creating that system; a plan for becoming what the E-Myth’s Michael Gerber calles a turn-key business. We’ll be documenting the unfolding of this process here and we invite your comments along the way.

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