Customer Service – Best in Show

Men in White was delighted to accept the Master Painters Award for Excellence in Customer Service at its annual awards night in June this year…and we’re still tickled.

The award recognises the enormous value Men in White places on our customers’ experience of working with us. Equal to a quality result is the manner in which it is achieved. That’s why we place a high priority on the process, as well as the outcome, in each project. Respect for the client and their property is paramount; as is empathy, open communication, flexibility and willingness to negotiate.

Our deepest thanks to a very special client whose generous praise found its way into the hands of the judges. A copy of his letter to the MPA was forwarded to Men in White, and appears in part below:

Throughout the whole job, Rohan has been the most courteous and polite tradesman I have ever worked with, through three major renovations over a 10 year period. I was present during many of the discussions between the various trades and, despite the obvious tensions that the delays caused, everyone was flexible enought to allow the project as a whole to progress at the best possible pace. Significantly, Rohan and the project manager had the consideration to recognise that these projects are also stressful for the clients and managed to maintain a positive and constructive interaction with us throughout.

“Rohan’s attitude clearly rubbed off on his staff…Rohan’s team was always cheerful and, most importantly, always professional in their work and their attitude. In living through the job, we were very appreciative of the vaccuuming and cleaning that the painters did each afternoon before they went home…”

Our sincere thanks also to Master Painters Australia for their recognition. Men in White is now the grateful recipient of four MPA awards for excellence.

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