Dover Heights “Seathwaite”

“Seathwaite” Restored to her full glory.

May 2015


Men in White had the pleasure of working recently for Ann and Michael of “Seathwaite” at DoverHeights.  “Seathwaite” is a distinctive home, and because it is close to the coast it is exposed to extreme weather; salt, wind and sun.

The painting took place in two stages; March 2014: “walls” and April/May 2015: “windows and doors (doors – both sides)”.

Stage One: walls – March 2014. Michael and Rohan discussing the works.


Michael was kind enough to write a testimonial after we finished the first stage.  You can click to enlarge.


Stage two: We returned in April 2015 to prepare and paint the windows and doors.  The doors had rot and other defects rectified.

The door fittings were taken off and polished before reinstalling.

Rear courtyard: Work in progress.  June and crew cleaned the glass and applied 3M blue tape for a clean edge.


Finished – May 2015!  

Rear courtyard Pergola.


Rear courtyard French Doors.


The front living room French doors.


A detail shot…sharp lines and clean corners.

final window

The finished painting looks great! 

Painting Dover Heights

Dover Heights Painting


The work was done in two parts: the walls, eaves and railings were painted in March 2014, and the windows and doors were painted in April/May 2015.

Paint system:

Eaves: Spot prime and two coats of Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen “Custom off-white”

Masonary/Pergola: Two coats of Dulux Elastomeric “Doe Skin”

Windows: Oil based undercoat and two finish coats Dulux Aquanamel “Dulux Wairakei 25%”

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