We treat every project uniquely and understand that your home is not just a house.

We have a proven process to ensure we provide the highest quality results, ensuring you have a pain-free, no hassle experience.

Before the project

Before the project starts we will visit the site with you and clarify the following:


  • Parking, keys, access cards
  • Alarm system, smoke alarms, air conditioning
  • May we use the bathroom/water/electricity
  • Any additional questions to ensure a smooth start
  • Permission to publish photos of the job on our website. Images will be anonymous and exclude specific identification
  • Permission to put a MIW sign in front of the property. This helps with deliveries


  • The Scope will be clarified
  • Colour matches will be made and approved prior to starting
  • We will discuss any changes or variations to the project scope
  • Variations need to be emailed to Rohan at: office@meninwhite.com.au
  • We will clarify the details – hooks, cables, are picture hooks to remain or be removed
  • Please – all wiring and cables are to be disconnected by yourself or advise on how we can work around wiring.

Communication and project updates

  • We will prepare a scope of work in Evernote and text/email you a link to review and confirm
  • Once confirmed, this scope of work becomes our guide and we will faithfully follow it
  • Updates to the job will be added to the online scope of work every couple of days and archived for future reference

When work commences

  • On the first day we will re-check the scope and seek clarification to the answers above
  • A brush out of the colours will be presented for final approval
  • Site will be left clean and tidy at the end of every day
  • A walk through with yourself at the beginning, at the half-way point, and when almost finished, will make sure that we are on track and that we are fulfilling all expectations
  • Gear will remain on site during the duration of the project Gear will be washed and cleaned off-site

After the project is complete

  • We will ask you to inspect the work to confirm that all work has been satisfactorily completed The site will be left clean and tidy
  • All access keys/swipe cards will be left in an agreed upon location
  • We will provide touch-up paint
  • We will provide you with a maintenance plan upon request
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