Mural of brick road 2007

Picture 124

This weeks post is about a job we did in October 2007 – in the heady days before the GFC.

Men in White painted a ‘brick road’ mural for a company called Acreis, Sydney CBD.

The brief: To create a mural to show the history of the Acreis company and the various milestones along the way.  To make use of the ‘dead’ space on an office corridor.

Solution: In consultation with the client; we decided to paint a lime green brick road – built out of the Acreis lime green logo – with important milestones written on the path.  The first half of the path had the ‘completed’ milestones sign-written, and the second half of the path represented the future – and the bricks were left blank for future achievements.

The painters involved were Francesco Calesse and Grant Wallwork.  Frank brought his amazing artist skills that he had learnt in Italy to paint the mural, and Grant brought his beautiful sign-writing skills to do the lettering and detailing on the bricks.

The blank canvas:

Picture 017

The initial roughing out of the design:



Picture 015


Grant detailing the bricks:








Grant sign-writing, Frank painting.



Frank working on the background:

Picture 084


The artist at work:



Picture 110


Almost finished:






The office residents taking a look:

Picture 115


Picture 131


Picture 117



Picture 128





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