Office Repaint in Crows Nest

We recently did remedial work on office doors in Crows Nest. The Colour was Dulux Deep Reed Gloss Aquanamel. The existing adhesion was not optimal, and the paint was chipping around the handles to expose the sound white undercoat.

We removed the unsound top coating with an orbital sander attached to a vacuum, applied a grey undercoat (Zinsser Low Odour Oil based) and two finish coats of the “Dulux Deep Reed” Gloss Aquanamel. The reason we applied a grey undercoat is that the “Dulux Deep Reed” colour is mixed in a yellow base – which does not have the opacity (coverage) of a Vivid White base. The grey undercoat provides an excellent base for the “Deep Reed”.

We rectified 9 doors and they turned out very well and will be robust and withstand keys and trolley bumps.

Sanded back:


Work in progress:


The completed job:

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