Painting News from Men in White for Randwick: 6 – 13 October 2013

It was a busy week.

On the Wednesday I gave a six-minute speech to my BNI chapter on a week in the life of MIW.  I have taken photos of the 7 jobs underway the week before, and gave a brief commentary on each.

Later one of the members commented to a third party that the member had seen some of our work himself – so there you go with the power of photography.

On the Thursday I gave brief video interview with Marion Hansel of Renovation Runners who is making a video on what to know when doing renovations.

Friday I undertook the Master Painters of Australia “Environpainer” course, as taught by Nigel Childs.  It was informative, and gave the extra accreditation that I wanted.  (I have already qualified for the Green Painters by undertaking the same course as taught by Daniel Wurm in 2010)

Saturday I was privileged to host my friend Bill Warren from Darwin.  Bill has achieved great things with his painting business in Darwin, and I learnt today that Bill may well be credited with christening the caulking product as ‘no more gaps’.  Bill told me that in the 1980’s Sellys was having a hard time selling their “painters and plumbers caulk’ and Bill suggested that they try calling it “no more gaps”.  A legend was born.

This is going to be a weekly blog. published on Monday, of things that i find interesting.

By Rohan Calvert

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