Another busy painting week in Randwick….

Anther busy week painting in Randwick.  This week, the National Institute of Painting and Decorating put a marketing video on line…it shows Rohan in October last year talking about Men in White.  It is worth a look and shows a bit about how we market the business…(It was made on a day that I had a lot of jobs running through my mind – so please excuse the long pauses…).

I have also penned an article today about ‘Prosult’ for the November issue of the Aussie Home Painters Magazine and here is a link to their website…Very good informative magazine.  Prosult is the American Painting group that I belong to and travel to for the annual meeting in August in Richmond, Virginia.  More about that later…


After the article is published in November I will re post it here on my blog.

Happy Painting in Randwick!

By Rohan Calvert

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