Practical Solutions for a Tough New Planet

Men in White often talks about “what” we do (give people the best customer service and quality painting solutions) and also a bit about “how” we do it (with good management we reduce waste and produce long lasting paint jobs), however we seldom talk about the “why”. That’s interesting, as the motivation behind Men in White is the ‘fire in the belly’ that get’s us out of bed in the morning. WE don’t do it purely for the money (that’s a result, not a motivation).
Nope. The reason “why’ we run Men in White is because we know we can make the world a better place than we found it. We work in a in industry where there is lots of waste and simple incremental changes can make huge reduction in waste very quickly. For example:
Men in White has been using an all acrylic system since 2005, and all ‘wash up’ water is treated with flocculent, so that the acrylic paint is separated from the water. This means that the paint can be disposed of as solid waste and the water can be re-introduced into the water cycle or recycled for more wash up (we favour the second option). With practice this extra step can be achieved easily.
Men in White accepts as fact that water is a limited resource and in the future (www.billmckibben.com) we will have a lot less water to play with here in Australia.
Men in White offers practical solutions for a tough new planet.
We think that is a pretty good answer to the ‘why” question.

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