Men In White have specialised in staircase restoration since 2013.

From our very first staircase restoration job in Point Piper we have perfected our craft in fully restoring old and weathered staircases to the beautiful icons of architecture they were intended to be.

Typically we have worked on timber which is over 100 years old. Every one of our projects is unique each with their own specific challenge.

We begin by stripping the timber of all old coatings to reveal the raw grain of the wood. This involves intricate sanding work both mechanical and by hand.

We have an intimate knowledge of the different types of timbers and the stains that will both accentuate the overall look as well as match the surrounding environment.

Staircases are unique in that you can view them from so many different perspectives.

They look different at a distance and close up, as well as from above and below!

As a result, working with staircases is very detailed work. There are many edges and corners you have to get just right and usually we’ll call a carpenter in to fix the squeaks and replace the trims.

If you have a staircase that’s seen better days get in touch and we can help in restoring it to it’s former glory.

Recent staircase restoration projects

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