Thank you Omid

The best thing about runnig a painting business is the people I meet and the relationships we make.

In this week’s blog I want to acknowledge and thank Omid.

Omid joined MIW in June 2016 and was a critical part of completing The Metro restoration.
Since then, Omid has been our go-to man for fixing things: OFI (Omid fixed it)

Omid brought his training in mechanics, plastering and most importantly his balanced and calm approach to life to every job he worked on.
Omid has worked on a large job at Point Piper for the last four months.

The project was more than a standard painting project: it was a remedial building project. Omid rebuilt ceilings, walls, replaced new electrical lights, repaired cracks, emptied and filled pools, wrangled other trades, calmed clients, and polished a 16 year old building into a shining jewel on the harbour.

Next week Omid will be leaving MIW.

Omid’s final job will be painting an apartment in Randwick and then moving on to fresh pastures. We have been blessed to have Omid spend the last year with Men in White.

We understand that Omid needs to experience all that there is to experience as he is young and ambitious.

I am so happy that Omid is spreading his wings and MIW wishes Omid a prosperous future.

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