Looking after the environment – a water-smart approach

Men in White has been reducing waste since 2005. You could say that Men in White has been *green* since it became the new black!   Furthermore, in the future, being Green is going to be the new Red, Blue and White (i.e.: it will be the patriotic thing to do!). This is not our idea, it belongs to Tom Friedman.

Our processing of paint:

The Reclaimer in action The EPA three bucket process. 15 L of grey water treated from painting walls in a room in a red colour. Right hand side bucket holds the paint slurry that has been floculated out of solution, and the middle bucket holds the water left over once the slurry has been separated. This process is continued until the water is clean enough to go into the left hand side bucket (and be tested to be Ph neutral) and be discharged onto bare earth The solid waste generated from 15 L of grey waste water.

Men in White is committed to improving sustainable painting practices.

We are currently experimenting with a system of washing brushes and rollers that use 50 per cent less water.

We treat the waste water to separate the paint component. This process allows for clean water to be released into the environment while the paint waste is collected and disposed of responsibly.

MIW acknowledges Bill Kruger for his innovation in developing this method into a commercial application.

Dulux recognises MIW’s environmental efforts

Our commitment to this process, and to sustainable painting in general, was recognised by Dulux who named Men in White the Dulux Accredited Painter of the Year NSW 2005.

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