Wylie’s Baths, Neptune St, Coogee have reopened!

Men in White was thrilled to paint this iconic building – the facility dates back to 1907, the structure that was painted is from 1995 when it was rebuilt.

Normally, the pools are open every day of the year. In June, the Baths were closed for refurbishment. Men in White was engaged to prepare and paint the panel ballustrade on the main deck. See Wylie’s Baths post 100+ Days of Repairs & Maintenance.

The proximity to the ocean meant that the surfaces had to be pressure washed and then mopped every day to remove salt. The exposed hardwood timber was sanded back and washed with Intergrain UltraPrep Tannin/Oil Remover and Intergrain Timber Reviver.

All the work was done safely from the deck. We installed a static line and rope system. When washing and preparing we captured debris from washing with a specially constructed apron.

Rotten battens and broken fibro panels were replaced. We worked around the other trades, and also the inclement weather.

The colours were chosen to match the existing palette: “Paperbark Colourbond” for the Frame, Orange “Magic Melon” and “Blue Loch”, painted in Weathershield Semigloss. The “Magic Melon” was made from an Ultra Deep base and required two undercoats (“Apricot
Ice cream” Vivid White base and then “Evening Sunset” Deep Base).

The project was funded by the Wylie’s Baths Trust & a Kingsford Smith Stronger Communities Federal Matching Grant.

We were very pleased to receive a five-star google review.
Read more here.

The baths opened on 24 August 2020 ready for spring!”

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