Xero for Tradies: featuring Men in White

Xero accounting software for tradies from Xero on Vimeo.


We at Men in White are delighted to be featured with Mark from On The Go Plumbing and Clinton from Tradiepad on a Xero Case Study Video…

This is the featured text on Vimeo..

“Hear from a painter, plumber and a tradie service on why they chose Xero as their preferred online accounting software.

Everyone knows tradespeople are always on the go – and using Xero enables them to invoice on the road between jobs and keep on top of their financial information.

Rohan Calvert, Director of painting business Men in White has to wear a lot of hats in his role – so Xero helps make sure he covers all his bases.

“There’s three great things I love about Xero”, he explains, “The first is simplicity. It’s really easy to use and makes it so easy for me to actually understand my reports of profit and loss on my balance sheet. The second is that it’s in the cloud, so I can access on my phone, my Mac and my car when I’m on the go. The third is that it’s got great Add-ons that I can pick and choose – like Highrise, which populates Xero so I’m not having to double-handle information – it’s fantastic,” Rohan says.

Mark Nashaty, Director of On The Go Plumbing, is often on the go, so he loves Xero Touch, the mobile app.

“I can check who owes me money and how much money I’m owed from each person, while I’m on the road. I an make the calls and chase up money – so it makes the business a lot more efficient,” Mark explains.

Clinton Cowin, Director at Tradiepad, believes one of the biggest boons for Xero users is not having to do paperwork in the office, after hours.

“This technology lets you get it all done while you’re out there in the field – the result of that is time to spend with your family and friends,” Clinton says.

Find out more about Xero accounting software: xero.com/accounting-software/

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